“I’ve found the most successful people in life are those who are driven to become better. They consistently challenge themselves, and most importantly, they are open to learning about their authentic core. Self-awareness combined with the right plan is unstoppable.”

Connie Charles,
Founder and CEO

For Businesses

Build Better Teams:  We help you completely understand your teams by showing you the intangibles that drive them. What are they passionate about? How do they get results? What are their expectations? How do they react under pressure? Optimize your team and see how performance increases.

Understand Motivation and Cultural Fit When Hiring:  Do you have a great team but need someone who flourishes when challenged with creative as well as analytical projects? Will their character and personality complement the other members of the team and fit with the company culture?  Our data analytics provide those answers for you. It’s all about hiring the right person first time around.

Improve Communications with Your Team:  How do you communicate and engage with the more gregarious members of your team, as well as the more introspective members? Both have much to offer in different ways. Our platform shows you exactly how to bring the best out of each member.


For Individuals

Insights and Analysis to Your Own Personal Drivers:  The 20-minute iMapMyLife questionnaire provides you with an accurate, personalized analysis of your Strengths, your Passions, your Needs and your Stressors.  Are you doing what you really love or are you just going through the motions?

Personal Guides to Be the Best You Can Be:  Based on your own individual report, you can purchase supplemental reports to help you be the absolute best you can be. Reports include: What Makes Me Happy; How Communicates Misfires; What You Need to Succeed at Work; Your Strengths at Work, and more…


For Golfers

We invite you and your colleagues to experience iMapGolf for business. Our programs and events use golf to simulate what happens in the business world. Our corporate programs blend experiential learning on the golf course with practical, educational insights that are directly transferrable to the work environment. Join us for an exciting day of golf and team building.


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