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Is Your Team Underperforming?

iMapMyTeam® is a software tool which allows you to apply data to get insights to your individual strenghts and to better understand how to work as a team. iMapMyTeam® gives you a dashboard about you and your team with specific advice and instant insights into how team members can better support each other and bring out their best.

Data Solutions For You

We mastered big data years before big data was considered ‘cool’ or the hot trend. Advanced algorithms are the root of the iMap suite of products. This breakthrough science is what helps us to rapidly understand and accelerate growth of the most complex variable in your business – your people.


90,000,000+ Data Points

Our core, foundational data is based on The Birkman Method®. Once the survey is completed there are over 90 million possible data combinations within the instrument that make each employee as unique as their fingerprint.

We deconstruct that data and completely understand behavior both internal and external and in multiple dimensions. What are people passionate about? How do they get results? What are their expectations of the corporate culture? How do the ‘wheels fall off’ when under pressure?

We can rapidly evaluate data patterns to get you answers. Its like having the DNA of the team at our fingertips.


We Fix People Problems

No touchy feel stuff….We are experts in collecting and analyzing data to quickly identify what’s going on with your team. We create a profile of behaviors that explain, with great accuracy, why people do what they do and don’t do what they should. As a leader, you will have the mystery of motivation solved for your team and you’ll get an action plan that will help you customize your approach so that you achieve the results for which you’re looking.

This is not for the self—promoters or for people only interested in climbing the corporate ladder. This is for leaders who are serious about making a difference in the lives of their people and the work they do together.

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