How It Works

It all starts with a 30 minute questionnaire; a survey of your opinions about yourself and other people. The computer then uses some pretty sophisticated algorithms to translate your answers into a picture of you. It describes what you love to do, your strengths that come naturally and are used to help you succeed; what you need from other people in order to be at your best and, finally, how your behavior can change under stress. With this accurate and insightful view of you, we can then help you find your path to peak performance. This is not fluff, but serious analytics that are behind what makes people great. You can spend a lifetime figuring it out but if you’re into quick results, it could happen in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show.

How To Get Started

Start mapping your team today! ONLINE EXCLUSIVE!
iMapMyTeam Starter Kit includes:

  • 3 Seat Licenses – For you and two direct reports to experience the power of the platform (a $300 value)
  • One 30-minute consultation – A feedback session with an experienced iMapMyTeam consultant designed for the team leader (a $250 value)
  • Tuesday Tips for a Year – Weekly advice on how to motivate and energize your team using the imapMyTeam platform (a $50 value)

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Your iMapMyTeam Dashboard

iMapMyTeam gives you a dashboard on your team with specific advice for you, your team members, and your manager. You will recieve instant insights into how team members can better support each other and bring out their best. The personalized guides target specific challenges faced by all teams:

  • How To Succeed Under Pressure.
  • Resolve Disagreements
  • What to Avoid
  • How to Build Trust
  • Manage Meetings
  • Ways You Can Recharge
  • Coaching Conversations

Still Need More to Make Up Your Mind?

We understand that what we are offering is so unique it might be hard to wrap your head around the value we can bring to you and your team. But, if you’re serious about igniting the power of everyone on your team, then give us a chance to show you how we can make a difference. We’ll walk you through a live demo of iMapMyTeam so that you can learn for yourself what a difference this could make for you.