About imapMyTeam

imapMyTeam was developed at the request of one such client who wanted us to be able to extend the reach of our work to more levels of the organization than just the executive suite. We built imapMyTeam to replicate the conversations in offices and conference rooms that would start with “how do I….” The result – a “coach in a box” that can help you better navigate the behavioral diversity of your teams.

Business Team Working Office Worker Concept

​What We Do

​We coach, consult, teach, guide, analyze and advise. Our solutions can be delivered in person or through our ground-breaking tool, imapMyTeam. A hybrid experience for clients can include a combination of team building tools and more traditional team building experiences. Our starting point for everything we do is based in data. We, most of all, are data analysts. However, the data we collect, analyze and translate into solutions is not about your financial or business performance, but about the performance of your people.

​Our Founder


For more than 25 years, Connie Charles has created learning and development processes that integrate the insights from behavioral data into education and coaching. She has worked with top executives on strategies for improving both their own personal performance and the success of the teams they lead. Connie has served as an executive coach for many who have risen through the ranks to some of the highest positions in their companies. She has overseen the domestic and international growth of imapstrategicsolutions with successful technology products and a client base that includes many Fortune 500 brands.

​Let us help your team!

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