Astronomy is a visual activity, so it is no surprise there are a large number of apps related to astronomy that take full advantage of an iPad’s large screen. I’ve been looking at the stars since my first telescope – a long, long time ago. Today apps help me track stars – and even satellites and the International Space Station. Sunday night, just before calling it a night I realized I had another app available to me to align my stars, my human stars.
While it doesn’t track celestial stars, iMapMyTeam™ is also an app that helps you track and align the stars on your team. It gives you that visual map of the universe that you live in every day. You don’t need a telescope, but an iPad is a great way to view the dynamics of your team. The best way to view this is to go to the My Teams area and view the Team Dynamics report. As you are looking at the map of your stars, here are some questions to ask about the positioning of the stars in your universe.
If you are a leader of the team, look at the placement of each of your team members for each symbol and consider:

Interests: Do the roles and responsibilities I’ve assigned to each individual on my team seem to be a good fit? Have I maximized their ability to pursue those passions to ensure each person regards their assignments with enthusiasm?
Strengths: Does my team have the diversity of strengths needed to achieve our goals? Am I fully leveraging my team’s diversity? Is there a vocal majority that may overwhelm a dissenting voice?
Needs: Am I providing the proper support to the team needs so they can leverage their interests and strength and deliver their best work?
Stress: Do I recognize and respond effectively when my team is under stress?

As a team member, look at where your symbols are positioned on the grid for perspective on how you best work and interact with others on the team and consider:

Interests: Do my work assignments easily hold my interest and inspire me? If not how can I change that?
Strengths: What strengths might I work to add to be more effective? Am I ‘stuck’ in my comfort zone or can I push beyond and choose behaviors that increase my chances of success?
Needs: How can I ensure the support I need to do my best work is available to me when I need it most? Who may misread me and what do I need to make sure they understand.
Stress: When I sense I’m losing control under stress, am I able to quickly recognize it and self-manage myself out of it?

Revisiting and answering these questions will help put the team in great position to align each one of its ‘stars’ to improve your individual contributions and to meet your organization’s ongoing business challenges.

Let your constellation shine at its brightest!

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