Saturday morning I pulled out my Trek, determined to take a long bike ride. I haven’t been riding anywhere near as much as I want and checking my tire pressure was among the many pre-ride details I needed to attend to.

Everyone who has owned or ridden a bike, driven a car, or operated anything with pneumatic tires is fully aware that you need the correct (air) pressure for optimal performance.

Over or under inflated tires wear out faster than those with the ‘proper’ pressure and at work (while we are admittedly more complex than a tire) we too perform poorly if we have too much or too little pressure. It is a fact that being under intense pressure over an extended period of time results in unproductive stress behavior.

iMapMyTeam™ can help prevent nasty ‘blowouts’ caused by too much pressure.

iMapMyTeam helps you understand what causes you to feel pressure, how your behavior shifts when pressured and, best yet, how to succeed when the pressure mounts. When you are completely self- aware of what signals the transition from being “in control” of your actions to “out of control” you can begin to limit the negative impact of pressure on yourself and your relationships.

We have you covered on a macro and micro level. For the dominant macro view use the Team Player Report to understand what you need to perform well (the circle symbol) and how the pressure/stress manifests itself when those needs are unmet (the square symbol).

The more specific micro view includes reports such as Succeed Under Pressure and The Stress of Change. They provide specific details describing your pressure points and then prescribe a way to successfully work through that pressure.

If your collective team is feeling a great deal of pressure – incorporate the Meeting Starters that are available to support those individual reports – that resource will help you learn to support each other across the team. Contact us if you want a great 10-15 minute guided conversation to start a meeting.

At the end of my ride I was tired, and the last hill was really tough – there is no iMapMyTeam for that – I just need to get out and ride more. If you take iMapMyTeam for more frequent daily ‘rides’, your work journey, while challenging, will get smoother in many ways. Having the correct pressure will do that for you.

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