The businesses that get ahead are the ones that who get things done.

In order to get things done as a team, you have to all be on the same page and heading in the same direction. And to be on the same page you need open and consistent communication – so what happens when there is a schedule conflict and competing meetings are tugging at key participants?

You get asked to sit-in for someone at the meeting!

When is the last time you have been asked to stand in for your boss at an important meeting or series of meetings? Are you prepared – not just with proper content – but knowledge of key behavioral traits for all the participants?

Perhaps you have just been assigned a new role that will require you to meet with others in the organization you really don’t know very well. Maybe you are currently participating in a meeting where after a meeting or two you just do not feel like you are ‘clicking’ with one or two others as well as you’d like.

iMapMyTeam™ allows you to customize your home page by adding groups to your “My Meetings” space. Simply click on the “create meeting” link to get started by naming and describing your meeting. Once you’ve labeled your new meeting, you have the option to go ahead and “create the meeting” or “create and add members” in one step. When you “create and add members” a pull down window appears with names you can highlight and select to add to your meeting. As participants are added or fall off of your meeting roster you can edit iMapMyTeam accordingly.

While in iMapMyTeam™, do not forget to access your Manage Meetings report. That guide will help you understand how your strengths help you run meetings, and also identify how those strengths can become blind spots if overused and contribute to the meeting not being as productive as it could be.

With iMapMyTeam at your fingertips, you have the ability to participate in unfamiliar meeting territory with confidence.

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