We have all been there – we are up against a problem that we cannot get past no matter how much effort we apply. Even more alarming is when those problems get worse the harder you try to solve them. Perhaps at the core of most of these stubborn issues are people problems: interpersonal conflict, miscommunication, poor decision-making, and so on.

Two professors from two prominent graduate business schools studied the cost of people problems. Their conclusion is that managers typically waste massive amounts of money, time, energy, and resources in order to fix these disturbing people issues. These problems can seem tedious or frustrating – never ending, yet the true financial costs of people problems is a serious issue.

The professors asked a group of senior executives to put a price on the amount their companies lost each day due to a variety of people issues from interpersonal conflict and unproductive weekly staff meetings to hiring the wrong employees and silos that cause people to miss valuable input from others. Here’s a summary of some of their findings:
At an estimated cost of $7,000 – $8,000 per day:

  • Hiring the wrong person
  • Failing to negotiate with customers/clients (Ask United about this one!)
  • Wasted time in unproductive meetings
  • Leaders who don’t inspire others
  • Not resolving conflict
  • Failure to give unproductive employees feedback
  • Over-analyzing problems to avoid making decisions
  • Applying old solutions to current problems without thinking through options


    I don’t want to over-simplify these very serious people issues, however, they are all ‘easily’ corrected with the use of iMapMyTeam.

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