Last Friday we witnessed an event that occurs once every 4 or 8 years. A new President is sworn in and there was a transition of leadership. While our country does this somewhat infrequently, and only in January, in your business there are continuous transitions. People move from role to role; leadership changes either through promotion, reorganization or retirement.

While you may not have thought about it this way, each time you made that change, whether you became a first line supervisor or moved to the C-Suite, you had a form of an inauguration.

What should you do when your inauguration comes?

It starts with the people of course! And while you may not have had the ability to select your own cabinet, you certainly need to get the best out of your team. Do you know them, their capabilities, what roles energize or drain them, what motivates them, what their ‘hot buttons’ are? And maybe most importantly – how do you build trust with them as quickly as possible. And, you want them to know these things about you as well.
Here is your inaugural checklist to get the very best from each of your ‘cabinet’ members:

Team Player Report

– gives you instant insight to 4 important characteristics; passions, strengths, motivation and counterproductive behaviors that will shape their work individually and as a team member.

Trust Requirements

– Ever get something meaningful accomplished without trust? I didn’t think so. This report helps you understand how you can quickly establish trust with the person.

How to Talk With

– Open the lines of communication; frame your initial conversations in the best way possible with this guide.

What to Avoid

– Side step the landmines that could trigger counterproductive, unwanted behaviors.

Resolving Differences

– If something goes haywire, and it likely will despite everyone’s best intentions, this guide helps you patch up the missteps.

An iterative process is too slow and often inaccurate. We cannot always trust our observations because often the way a person behaves gives you no true indication of what they need or expect from you. imapMyTeam® is your go-to tool for a smooth inauguration.

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