The Power of a Fresh Start

December 2016/January 2017, it is resolution time. If your personal resolutions are in alignment with the most popular (as per a crunch of google analytics of resolution searches in December 2016) Getting/staying fit, becoming more organized, improving personal finances, traveling, living life to its fullest and reading more are on your list.

Sounds pretty darn good to me! Who wouldn’t want those things? Well, there is a spot of bad news- and you already know it. Despite our very best intentions, thousands of us will fail our resolutions in just a few weeks.

While a fresh calendar may be inspirational and cause us to commit to huge personal goals, commitments are ‘easy’ to make, much more difficult to sustain. Business goals aren’t much different than goals we set by personal resolutions.

Sustainability of business goals comes from discipline and discipline is fueled by energy. You simply cannot maintain a persistent march towards your resolutions (goals) without having the energy to do so.

You can tap into your personal energy sources in two ways:

1) Look at your re-energizer report in imapMyTeam. We often point you there for prepping yourself for vacations, holidays and other personal down time, yet you can ‘rework’ or ‘repurpose’ many of those tips to help you renew and sustain your energy over the long haul of 2017.

2) Get the proper fuel. I’m not talking about good, healthy food, adequate sleep, water – all the things your body and brain require to function properly- I mean the proper fuel mix based on your unique motivational needs. If you don’t recall your motivational needs, go to the center pane of your imapMyTeam account and look for the location of your circle on the Team Player guide.

Then refer to the advice to see what you personally require when you pull into the pump. When you get the right fuel you run well, you are energized and you can sustain the energy to achieve your goals- be it personal resolutions or critical business goals.

Still not convinced? Lack of needs creates a counterproductive reactive behavior that gets in the way of success.

You have two choices. Feed your ‘Need’ to succeed or ‘fail the need’ and miss the mark.

Let’s keep energized to accomplish great things in 2017!

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