When we talk about success there is no understating the importance of:
1. Self Awareness
2. Self Management
3. Management of Relationships

The fourth and final stage of the imapMyTeam success process is the actual achievement of Success or the outcome of being successful with the first three steps.

Business success is almost always defined financially and with very tangible metrics of performance supported by core values. Simultaneously each individual reader of this blog post may have a very different definition of success that is driven by personal goals and values, sometimes even intangible. There is no one ‘right’ definition of success.

In the teambuilding sessions we facilitate called Quick Starts for Teams, we always begin by shaping a definition of success for the team. The exercise asks people to think about what it would take for everyone in their world to be happy with the performance of the team. We get them to explore this from the perspective that would include their manager, the customers they support, their peers, themselves and then, the final twist is, their families. It is always amazing to see how the personalization of success influences the business goals and objectives.

A shared vision of success that blends what I personally want with what the business wants is the key ingredient that ensures everyone stays motivated to do the job. And, motivated people can accomplish almost anything they set their minds to.

Your role, your job is at the crossroads of these two definitions of success; your personal definition of success and your company’s definition of success can be different. In fact, there is a high probability it is different. But they can serve one another.

Everyone at every level needs to know how their work contributes to larger company strategies, so show them the big picture. Share the company’s overarching goals (business success definition) for the year and discuss how their individual efforts can help accomplish the mission.

Link those business goals and objectives to the personal goals of each individual team member. Show how reaching the company’s overall success, (achieving production numbers, cost savings, revenue generation) will at the same time help them receive the satisfaction of accomplishing what’s important to them personally (meaningful work, recognition, stability, respect.) Make sure each person knows how integral they are to the business and is motivated to contribute based on a shared vision of success.

Companies are looking for maximum contribution from every employee; every employee is looking for maximum satisfaction in their role on the job. When leadership and employees are promoting a shared vision of success, defined by personal aspirations along with business goals and objectives, you have a win-win scenario.

Redefine your vision of Success!

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