Quality relationships are the foundation for great teams. Use iMapMyTeam to build those relationships Fast. The iMapMyTeam dashboard show each team member how to connect with colleagues in ways that build trust, facilitate clear communication, get people aligned and quickly ramp up productivity.


Discover the Roadmap to Team Success

We know how to help you with all the ins and outs of creating a high performing team. Let us show you how we can help you motivate and manage your team to success.

iMapMyTeam Software Solution

Our Solution: Data

Everyone agrees that the quality of relationships impacts the performance of a team. The center piece of our solution is a leading edge software tool called iMapMyTeam, a web-based, enterprise application that maps the personality of your team. It’s like having a your own personal 24/7 coach that gives you advice on the best way to connect with each team member. Coupled with team activities, key relationship comparisons and in-depth analysis of the behavioral profile of your team, we quickly identify what you need to do to achieve the success that you’re looking for.

Young business people

Who It’s For

iMapMyTeam has been catered to fit the needs of various sizes and types of teams. Whether you’re a large corporation, mid-level organization or small start-up, our revolutionary approach can be applied across all industries. The same breakthrough system that has helped our Fortune 500 clients is now available to your team!

Young business people

Young business people

Why iMapMyTeam? Because It Works!

In our fast paced, virtual and matrixed work environments, our solutions work. Through iMapMyTeam we give people what they need to better understand each other which results in the ability to build trust and confidence. Communication improves because people know how to transmit in a way that other people can receive. Direction is provided with exactly the right balance between tell and suggest. People become engaged and start doing their best work.