I’m writing on my plane ride home from The PGA Show in Orlando. It’s simply called “The Show” by industry insiders, and is truly an almost unimaginable display of everything anyone could possibly desire or dream up in all aspects of the game of golf. At breakfast today, a colleague who had never been to this mammoth trade show before exclaimed: “Wow, I felt like I was in golf Disneyland!”

“Walking The Show” is an amazing experience. I averaged over 5 miles a day criss-crossing several million square feet of vendors showing the latest in clubs, balls, tees, apparel, accessories, training aids, travel bags, fitness exercises and equipment, voice-control GPS, simulators, trophies and awards, swing shirts and jackets, golf magazines, new books, hardware and software for instructors, remote-control motorized pushcarts to fancy golf carts to stand-up Segways to a new bicycle designed to tote your clubs around the course. I even saw a computerized golf glove! Attach a super lightweight digital display chip and, with a glance at your hand, you can get shot yardages to personal swing and play stats.

golf bike pga show

Higher and higher tech – The PGA Show 2017

Higher and higher tech is definitely the way of the golf world as we zoom towards the year 2020. I was especially intrigued by coin-sized chips, to embed on the end of each club in the bag, that transmit detailed data from every swing and putting stroke you make. Sensors are showing up everywhere. All kinds of products are now available that collect and transmit digital info via bluetooth to branded app systems, turning your phone or iPad into a golf-data control center for players, students and teachers of the game.
Just like Disneyland, The PGA Show is full of thrills and amazing stuff! The tech trend is definitely awesome, intriguing, and only intensifying. At the same time, it can easily overwhelm the mind and senses. As a golf pro and psychologist, I can’t help but keep thinking that all this stuff works only as well as the human being using it works!

True, the idea of technology is to help people perform better through access to more measurements, scientific readouts and improved equipment. Yet success or failure – whether in using the latest devices or simply out playing the game – still depends on our individualized humanness.

Which leads me to the realm of human technology. In my golf trainings, I emphasize that all anyone has out on the golf course is you, your body, mind, and golf clubs (and maybe a caddie, which means human not tech support).

A better comprehension of who you are is the key component to how you’ll perform with a club in your hand, and how you’ll handle the inevitable ups and downs on the practice range and around the golf course.

imapGolf is a leading provider of human data!

It’s one thing to quantify grip pressure, spin rates, swing path, shot trajectory, etc. If only people were so straightforward. We are complex layered beings, with a lot of intangibles going on such as thoughts and emotions! Can the inner game be quantified? How can we get a more accurate data-driven picture of the golfer’s internal mechanisms that drive behavior and performance?
Derived from decades of research and application with leaders, business people and athletes, iMap tools identify and measure critical human dimensions:

  • Motivation
  • Personal needs
  • Learning styles
  • Social behavior
  • Stress reactions under pressure and adversity.
  • Your own iMap, along with coaching guides and recommendations, allows you to fine-tune the self-awareness and self-management skills that are inescapably essential to success.

    We know we take ourselves with us wherever we go

    Whether on the range, putting green, golf course, at work, at home, in relationships – it’s our own humanness that’s in play. The old adage “Know thyself!” will always underlie our well-being and results in life, and even inform how each individual optimally approaches and utilizes modern technology.

    Human technology gets easily lost or overlooked. So remember, knowing who and how you are is the central key component that unlocks all the rest of your journey in golf and through your life. Personal assessment tools are a great aid in bringing out who you are on the inside, to give a huge boost to everything you engage with and do on the outside. And you deserve a boost today!

    By Jamie Zimron, imapGolf

    Dr. Renee Powell, Connie Charles, Jamie Zimron
    LPGA Tour Trailblazer Dr. Renee Powell, iMap CEO Connie Charles and Jamie Zimron, The KiAi Golf Sensei

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