Your iMap guides lead the way

Beyond your iMap report, we offer other guides which unlock success in other areas of your life.
Some of the available guides are listed below.

The Happiness Guide

Individual feedback is provided to each team member about their strengths, how to become successful and ways to become more productive through self-management. They become grounded in the unique strengths and characteristics they bring to the team.

How to Succeed under presure

The Team Dynamics™ session compares and contrasts the different characteristics of the team members. We identify points of potential conflict and create strategies for managing behaviors. Following an actionable discussion, the team leader receives specific follow-up steps for managing and motivating the team.

Manage Meetings

Once we understand the individuals and the team, we focus on addressing specific business issues that the team must handle or milestones the team must execute. This offers an effective high-level strategy as a follow-up to individualized solutions.

Enhance Your Communication

imapConsultants help team managers understand how to bring out the best in their people. The manager, as Team Coach, will receive insight on each member of the team, as well as the overall group to sustain the improved team dynamics.

Start The World’s Best Personality Test

To get your Map we will need to know a little bit about you! The Birkman Questionnaire will take you about 20 minutes to complete. Grab a cup of coffee… and let’s get started!

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