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For more than 50 years companies all over the world have used this unique formula to improve their organizations. It provides precise data to help understand human behavior and has impacted thousands with its accuracy. The insights found in this personality test have until now only been available through corporate consulting.

This is your opportunity to receive these insights for only $24.99! Take the questionnaire and you will receive an accurate analysis of your results through your personal map and guides.

Take the Questionnaire for only $24.99 and learn who you really are with iMapMyLife reports.

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After completing the questionnaire you will get your own personalized map with your unique data showing: Your Interests, Your Strengths, Your Needs and Your Stressors. The Map will show you the colors of your personality traits.

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Your Guides

In addition to your Map we also offer personal guides with accurate descriptions of your life and unique advise about how to be your best in every situation.

Communication Misfires

High-quality communication skills are crucial to success. Make sure your message gets through. Don’t assume everyone likes and receives information the same way you do. Understand your potential pitfalls. Avoid them and get ahead.

When It’s Not Working: How I Can Adapt In Order to Succeed

Are people around you freaking out? Find out how you can succeed even when life is a pressure cooker.

How to Lead Effective Meetings

Strengths lead to certain tendencies when in charge of a meeting, some that may not be productive. Use our tips to advise a leader how to read a room, adapt pace/messaging and leave participants energized.

How to Stay Energized and Motivated

If your energy is drained, the reason is your motivation buttons haven’t been pushed. Do you know what they are and how to get going?

How to Build Trust with Me

When people trust each other they report 74% less stress and 106% more energy for working together. What are the basics that would result in your ability to trust someone?

What Makes Me Happy

Do you know what will make you Happy? This guide will help you figure that out.

Your Strengths at Work

Confidence is what happens when you work from your strengths. Learn what your greatest value might be.

What You Need To Succeed At Work

Why do people quit? The reason is their work environment isn’t meeting their needs. Discover what you need.

The Work You Love

What will make you fall in love with your Job? Find out the key characteristics that will make your work fun.

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