Take Your Coaching Practice
To The Next Level!

iMap™ gives you a proven coaching model, tools and materials to quickly grow your practice. Are you ready to wow your clients?

  • Generate Revenue fast
  • Certification Training
  • Materials to support the process

  • Differentiate Your Coaching
  • Client Dashboard
  • Powered By Birkman®

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October 2-4, 2018

iMap, based on the world renowned Birkman Method™, teaches managers, leaders, coaches and consultants how to use data to understand human behavior and then delivers the information in a customized team dashboard.

Coaches, Consultants, Facilitators, Trainers and Managers of People – this is for you!

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Coaching Process

Coaching is an art and a science. We give you the science.

We offer certification training, materials and tools that help you not only be a good consultant, but also a profitable one. Get accurate, insightful information about your clients that makes sure your coaching is on target for the unique needs of those you coach. Our Dashboard brings you into the digital age with easily accessed reports that can be shared virtually.

iMap™ Coaches Get

❱ A Dashboard which allows you to manage all of your
client’s iMap™ assessment information in one place.
❱ The ability to run a variety of reports that address
common issues that surface in coaching.
❱ Learn and adopt a structured process which can be
replicated across multiple clients.
❱ Receive start-up and ongoing training and certification.

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Join us for a 30 minute demo of the iMap™ Solution and learn more about the Dashboard and the reports. You will be introduced to the great value this tool can bring to your practice and we will stay on to answer all your questions. You will also receive a coupon for the Coach’s Dashboard training!

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Young business people

Young business people

iMap is Powered by
The Birkman Method®

iMap™ uses Birkman Method® data for building customized reports and solutions. There is no other instrument that provides the depth and breadth of information about a person.

iMap™ is based on more than 25 years of successful experiences for more than 20,000 people. Using insights into what clients are looking for, we have created the iMap Dashboard™ for Coaches and Consultants. This tool allows you to build a coaching process using personalized reports that will give insight into how to coach each person based on their unique needs and characteristics.
Attend our free webinar to learn more about how you can grow your practice with your own iMap Dashboard™.

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The iMap Dashboard™

  • A web based enterprise application powered by Birkman® data.
  • Access reports uniquely customized to your clients.
  • Includes The Birkman Questionnaire® and iMap™ reports.
  • Gives team members instant insights on how to work together.

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For Advanced iMap Users

Learn how to build a high performance team using iMapMyTeam® or complete certification training to become a Master Coach.

For our existing users we offer both 1-day and 3-day programs to add additional product to your service. Become an expert facilitating a team session and add a solution for corporate clients to your coaching and facilitation skills. Or, complete the intensive 3-day training to understand and utilize the practical knowledge and power behind iMap™.

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