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Join Our iMap Leadership Training June 27, 2019

Wilmington, Delaware


iMap, based on the world renowned Birkman Method™, teaches managers, leaders, coaches and consultants how to use data to understand human behavior and then delivers the information in a customized team dashboard.

Step up, sign up, buckle up and knuckle down for a full day with Connie Charles, the world’s foremost thought leader on the science of building great teams

Wilmington, Delaware
June 27, 2019

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Why move up to iMap

The quality of relationships impacts performance – everyone knows this but few know how to do this.

In the iMap program, participants will learn how to help people build self-awareness, the foundation of all sustainable success.

If you are coaching people, leading businesses or consulting on performance improvement, iMap will help you speed up the process so that people achieve the success they are looking for fast.

iMap quickly points to the human factors that drive success and helps you help them – faster. It takes the guess work out of relationship building. No more trial and error guesswork.

Who Should Attend

Coaches, Consultants, Facilitators, Trainers, Managers of People and those seeking a deeper level of self-awareness

Move Up With iMap To Achieve Success

  • The iMap certification training is an interactive process that helps you apply what you learn instantly – to yourself and to those you work with.
  • The iMap dashboard and reports are based on Birkman Method™ behavioral data which participants will learn how to analyze, understand and apply insights to real world challenges.
  • Each person will use someone from their own world as their personal case study so the learning is applicable right away.
  • Understanding the complexity of human behavior is simplified by using Birkman Method™ data to describe two layers of motivation as well as behaviors when in control or when under stress.
  • Practice sessions will be threaded throughout the learning experience so that each person is prepared to successfully implement what they have learned right away.
  • As a result of this training, iMap certified students will be prepared to use the iMap reports to build teams, coach individual leaders and advise organizations on workforce engagement.

What You Get When You Move Up With iMap

  • The ability to facilitate coaching and/or team sessions using iMap reports and data
  • Administrative access to your own Coach’s Dashboard for managing individual coaching clients or teams
  • Discount pricing on classroom materials and iMap reports
  • Materials and reports for yourself and a practice client (View Sample)
  • Copy of Connie’s book, “The Magic of the Method” as well as a Reference Guide
  • Private coaching session after the training program

Wilmington, DE

Lodging (not included in the fee)
The Westin Wilmington is a short walk to the venue

Philadelphia International (PHL), 20 minute Uber ride!

Local Events
Extended weekend? Things to do


Bonus Day: The Team Tee Off

Grow Your Coaching Practice With The iMap™ Dashboard

iMap™ gives you a proven coaching model, tools and materials to quickly grow your practice. Are you ready to wow your clients?

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Master Your Internal Game with iMapGolf™

Understand how emotions affect your ability to focus, execute, and plan your strategies

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Start Mapping Your Team Today!

iMapMyTeam is for leaders who are serious about making a difference in the lives of their people and the work they do together

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Who It Is For

  • For golf professionals wanting to add a new tool to their bag for their corporate clients
  • For business professionals wanting a unique and fun way to build teams

Participate in a nine-hole business simulation where the golf course becomes the classroom.

Learn how to facilitate this unique experiential learning event that can be coupled with our Quick Start for Teams program or as a stand-alone exercise for conferences and retreats.

Participants will be set up with access to iMapGolf student and coaching reports.

Sedona’s Seven Canyons

When: June 26-29

Where: Seven Canyons Golf Club, Sedona, Arizona

Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day

Meals: Lunch and beverages included


  • Optional evening networking activities
  • Thursday evening BBQ and pool party (additional fee)

Recommended Lodging (not included in the fee):
Marriott Courtyard
Enchantment Resort
Sedona Rouge



Connie Charles

Connie Charles

CEO iMap Strategic Solutions

Over the past 30 years, Connie has specialized in applications of the Birkman Methodology. Using her background in instructional design, she has created programs and processes that benefit leaders, teams, sales people and individual performers at all levels in the organization. Known for her work with C-suite executives, she has helped secure multi-billion dollar programs, guided career paths, coached teams and their leaders on how to succeed and built strong, lasting relationships with her clients.

Through a unique arrangement with Birkman International, Connie has led the development of iMap tools and resources. With iMap, the Birkman Method™ insights are now available 24/7 to users and their organizations. Her book, “The Magic of the Method” is known as the leading guidebook to the Birkman Method™.

Connie’s creative talent also led her to develop a series of experiential learning programs that use the golf course as a classroom. Her second book, “Back On Course: Drive Business Performance Through Golf” has been used by the LPGA and PGA as a guide to build corporate value for the game.


Steve Shepley

Steve Shepley

iMap Strategic Solutions Content Development

Steve was born and educated in the UK and moved to the US in 1975. His career has included varied assignments including videography, graphics as well as founding the training department for UNIX. However, he is most widely known for his efforts at Birkman International where he worked closely with its founder, Dr. Roger Birkman.

At Birkman, Steve has masterminded many of the advancements of the assessment tool. He has overseen progressive upgrades in the company’s hardware and software capability, written many of the support materials for training purposes, trained others in the use of the Birkman in the Americas, Europe, and Australia and oversaw the development of the Birkman On Demand product, for which he wrote most of the report libraries.

In 2014 Steve joined the iMapSSI team and has been the lead developer of content for iMapGolf, iMapMyLife and iMapMyTeam. Additionally, he designed for iMap’s Golf site a proprietary questionnaire used by golfer’s and their instructors. His knowledge of behaviorally analytics makes him one of the leading experts in the Birkman Method™ and its applications.

Dave Bisbee

Dave Bisbee

As a Golf Professional, Dave Bisbee has accomplished many things. From winning as a tournament professional and designing golf clubs, to authoring books and instruction videos, as well as teaching golf to many of today’s top corporate executives, which places him in great demand.

As a speaker, David shares with his audience personal experiences of overcoming challenges, changing behaviors, and learning how to harness motivational energy to accomplish goals.

As a performance consultant, David is known for his ability to assess results relative to goals, facilitate changes that lead to success, and to develop the personal competencies that put individuals in control of their destinies.

Dave is currently the General Manager for Seven Canyons Golf Club in Sedona, Arizona. He is also co-author with Connie Charles of “Back On Course” and is an iMapGolf guru.


What You Can Expect

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Agenda: iMap™ iMap Leadership Training June 27

Day One: 8am-12pm Day One:   1pm – 5pm
Build a Balanced Team
  • The Success Foundation
  • Links to the Data
  • Four layers of behavior
Communicating Direction
  • What to do
  • How to do it
  • Four leadership styles
How to Build Trust
  • Individual Relationships
  • Connecting with a Team
  • Emotional Connections
How Work Gets Done
  • Make Decisions
  • Take Action
  • Adjust to Change
Core Values
  • Incentive and Rewards
  • Being You
  • Positive Self-Image
Putting It All Together
  • Five step analysis
  • Blind spots and Gaps
  • Coaching strategies
  • How to use iMap tools


Bonus Day: The Team Tee Off
Your Golf Profile
Strategy Session
Just in Time Coaching on the Practice Range
The Strategic Scramble – Nine holes
Debrief: How is this similar to or different from your work?
Additional Back On Course Golf exercises
Next Steps


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