Take iMap To the Next Level With Our Advanced Training Programs

Join Connie Charles and Steve Shepley in Sedona Arizona June 26-29 for a comprehensive iMap series of workshops that will prepare you to

  • Lead Team exercises
  • Coach with confidence
  • Apply experiential learning

  • Day 1: Quick Start for Teams
  • Day 2 & 3: The Master Coach
  • Day 4: The Team Tee Off


iMapMyTeam Quick Start Training

Are you a great facilitator? Then learn how to lead a Quick Start for Teams workshop. Become an expert in guiding a team through four dimensions of behavior that will impact their ability to deliver their business goals and objectives. As an instructor, you’ll receive customized materials for your class that includes everything you need to create a great experience for your participants. This proven model unlocks the barriers that keep teams from being a success and you, the facilitator, hold the key. All it takes is one day to learn how to make a difference in the life of a team.

Young business people

Become a Master Coach

This class will make you smart fast. Learn how to analyze data that defines human behavior on four different levels. With your skills refined, you’ll be able to connect with your clients with speed and amaze them with how insightful and on target your guidance is. No more trial and error or guesswork. Go instantly to the heart of your client and know in great detail the causes of issues even before they speak. Coach with confidence that comes from an accurate, authentic picture of your client generated by the most robust assessment on the market.

Young business people

Taught By Connie Charles

The Author of The Magic of The Method

For more than 25 years, Connie Charles has created learning and development processes that integrate the insights from behavioral data into education and coaching. She has worked with top executives on strategies for improving both their own personal performance and the success of the teams they lead. Connie has served as an executive coach for many who have risen through the ranks to some of the highest positions in their companies. She has overseen the domestic and international growth of imapstrategicsolutions with successful technology products and a client base that includes many Fortune 500 brands.

the magic of the method. How the birkman method can be your power source for success

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